1. IDN offers you first-hand learning experience, from the originator of the Integrated Dry Needling concept. New and cutting edge information that you cannot learn anywhere else. (Learn Why IDN is different).
  2. Our treatment system considers the WHOLE body not just parts or regions of it. We address the many interconnecting mechanisms that may be limiting your patient’s progress.
  3. You only have to come ONCE and pay for the course ONCE. We respect your time and we respect your existing professional training. Therefore, we are able to condense the course content yet share knowledge generously in one course. (Attention Colorado PT’s State Training Guidelines)
  4. Our integrative course presents an organic synthesis of Trigger Point technique pioneered by Travell (1940, 1990), the IMS technique of Gunn (1980), and Dr. Ma’s Integrative Dry Needling (2007) based on: neurology, scientific research, drawing heavily on leading-edge neurological research using modern imaging techniques (FMRI) kinesiology, cognitive natural science and incorporating new techniques and new clinical skills (as seen in Dr. Ma’s textbooks published by Elsevier, 2005, 2010).
  5. Our evidence-based Integrative Dry Needling course has been taught nationally and worldwide and presented with great success at scientific congresses in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic and Greece.
  6. IDN offers you a Tutorial–Apprentice style program, which means you are always welcome to contact us when you have professional questions. We cherish communication with our students and will generously share knowledge to improve your understanding and treatment outcome