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Comparative Efficacy of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Dry Needling for Management of Trigger Points in Masseter Muscle in Myofascial Pain Syndrome Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

J Oral Facial Pain Headache. 2022 Nov 28. doi: 10.11607/ofph.3188. Online ahead of print.


AIMS: To compare the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection vs dry needling (DN) for management of trigger points in the masseter muscle in myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) patients.

METHODS: This randomized controlled trial included 30 clinically confirmed cases of myofascial trigger points (MTrPs) in the masseter muscle who were randomly and equally (1:1) assigned to the test (PRP) and control (DN) groups. Both groups were evaluated for pain (visual analog scale [VAS]), range of functional movements, need for pain medication, patient satisfaction (Likert scale), and sleep (VAS) at baseline and 2-week, 1-month, and 3-month follow-ups. VAS pain and Likert score were also obtained at 6-month intervals.

RESULTS: The use of PRP solution in MTrPs in MPS patients had a better effect on pain and patient satisfaction compared to DN.

CONCLUSION: PRP appears to be a more effective treatment modality compared to DN in the management of MTrPs in MPS patients.

PMID:36445907 | DOI:10.11607/ofph.3188


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